Prepare yourselves: you'll soon be able to buy Girl Scout Cookies from your local chapter and have them shipped directly to your door -- without getting off your couch.

Girl Scouts Sell Cookies
John Moore, Getty Images

::Insert choir of angels here::

For the longest time, Girl Scouts of the USA banned online sales of those magical cookies.

Now, just in time for the upcoming cookie season, girls across the country can set up e-commerce sites through one of two platforms, both called Digital Cookie. One version lets Scouts invite customers to their personalized page via e-mail. The other involves a mobile app for in-person orders (which would accept credit cards) and then a non-personalized website for online orders.

The program isn't available everywhere, but yes, Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore are participating in Digital Cookie!

And just in case you were wondering...there's 46 days til cookie season. (You should be nice and finished with the New Year's Resolution by then!)

Thin Mints for daysssss!!

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