Are you ready for Super Bowl LVII?? Everybody in the South Jersey and Greater Philadelphia area sure is. E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES! We're ready to see our birds fly as they take on the Kansas City Chiefs for the big game on Sunday, February 12th.

Did you make any Super Bowl plans yet? Most likely, you had a plan in place before you even heard Jalen Hurts sing the Eagles fight song during the NFC Championship ceremony after the game that secured them into SB LVIII. I know I did. I'll be headed to the same place where I watched the NFC Championship.

I can guarantee you this: it's going to be a longggggg night.

Apparently, people in certain South Jersey school districts think so too. And, guess what? They don't want to have to wake up super early on Monday morning after the debauchery that's bound to go down with the Eagles in the Super Bowl on Sunday night. So, what'd they do?

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Sources report that one school district in Camden County decided that the smart thing to do is to delay school for two hours come Monday, February 13th. Admittedly, the decision came from a place of level-headedness. The district got real about the fact that EVERYONE, including the teachers and staff, will be up really late due to the Super Bowl festivities. So, why make people come in early and tired and waste the day?

You know for a fact that when you go into work after a late night of partying, you might as well have not gone in at all. It's almost a waste of a day. So, why not let everyone get some rest and, at the very least, be able to function throughout the school day. Sounds like a good call, doesn't it? You already know all the kids are going to be up late. Why have them come into school tired, groggy, and useless?

Personally, I think it's a great call. Hopefully, more schools will follow suit. Only time will tell.


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