Are you ready for some old-school summer fun?  Let’s blast into the past with America’s favorite pastime!  Of course, I'm talking about baseball!  Grab your crackerjacks and celebrate baseball history live and in person!

On Saturday, June 11th from 10 am to 4 pm.  You can go back in time to watch Howell Farm’s two teams play according to 19th-century Town Ball rules!  They will be in full old-school uniforms and everything.

Visitors of all ages are invited to step up to the plate as a “Striker” and face off against the “Thrower.” The referee will look very different than we are used to, he will sit in a chair on the field and charge fines of up to 5 cents every time you break a rule!  Not brushed up on your 19th-century baseball rules?  Well that’s what Google was made for!

Then at 11:00 am you can take in the Flemington Neshanocks facing off against the Elizabeth Resolutes in a historic baseball club match!  In addition to the above, on the same day, there will be an 1864 match between the Hoboken 9 and Monmouth Furnace in Belmar 6/11 at 11:45.  This is such awesome family fun!

If you or your family is a baseball fan, you may want to tell them you are going to a game and not give them the details. Just watch their faces as you walk up to the baseball of years past. You can also join Howell Farm’s Hogs and Bulls for a public game on the farmhouse lawn.  Is anyone else ready for a hot dog?  Ahhhh…summer!

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