I've said many times before that I hate politics...and that in most cases, I can't stand politicians.

Our leaders have really been put to the test in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and while some failed, others should be commended.

I have to say I was incredibly impressed with Governor Christie. He may too blunt and aggressive for many people, but that's what of my favorite things about him. I might not always like or agree with what he says, but I always feel as though he's being honest.

During a time of crisis, I felt as though we had a leader in this state. I was fairly certain that the important things were being handled.

Did I like the gas rationing? Not really, it was an inconvenience at times, but I think it was incredibly helpful in controlling the pandemonium happening at the gas stations.

Do I wish my power had come back on sooner? Of course, but I think every available resource was used, and I think some people need to learn what the word 'necessity' means. (Though perhaps in the future, the higher ups at utility companies will be more upfront with customers. If you don't know when power will be restored because you're waiting on parts to fix your antiquated infrastructure, just be honest about it. Lack of information tends to make people a little nutty.)

That being said, I think everyone for the most part did what they needed to do to get us back on our feet as best we can.

I was listening to Ask the Governor last night, during which Christie repeatedly said, if you need something, call the Governor's office. If something isn't working the way it should, give them the chance to do something about it. The number is 609-292-6000. That's what they are there for.

Governor Chris Christie on Saturday Night Live
Governor Chris Christie on Saturday Night Live (NBC)

I don't think he's perfect (perhaps an assortment of fleece colors is in order?) but I think he's done a great job throughout this situation.

It's restoring just a SMIDGE of my faith in government. (Michael Bloomberg is eroding my faith in common sense at a slightly slower rate...I have never been so glad to not live or work in the city.)

Do you think Governor Christie has done a good job handling Sandy? What about other leaders? Share your comments below!

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