Who is excited to sit in (even more) traffic this summer?

I was blown away earlier today when I saw on APP.com that there's going to be major parkway construction going on this summer.  And listen, it's important to keep the roads safe, but a) how did they come to the decision this late in the game, and b) who decided the summer is the best time to tackle this issue?

Where is the Garden State Parkway summer 2022 construction taking place?

The article says that Exit 105 (Tinton Falls) will be closed for nine months.  Oy vey.  That's going to be messy since lots of people are headed that way this time of year.

It also mentions lots of detours in the closure which, to be honest, made my head hurt to think about.  I understand this work needed to be done, but ultimately I think doing it this time of year is going to hurt the town.  Think of how many people will be avoiding the area just to stay away from the craziness.

It made me think - what would I rather do than sit in that traffic, which then turned into what are some crazy things that seem like a better idea than road work on a busy parkway exit at the Jersey Shore during the summer.  The results did not disappoint.

Will you be avoiding the construction at Exit 105 on the Parkway this summer?  Or, even better, do you know of any alternative routes that can help us out?

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