Six Flags Great Adventure's new Jersey Devil Roller Coaster looks like it's going to live up to its wicked name. Take a virtual ride!

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I don't know if I'm woman enough to handle a ride on this coaster. I'd probably poop my pants just waiting in line.

The new Jersey Devil Roller Coaster looks INTENSE just judging from video taken during a recent test run.

Karen Wall/YouTube
Karen Wall/YouTube

This baby goes up 13 stories and travels at speeds up to 58 mph, reports. Riders sit SINGLE FILE! Nobody, no buddy, to squeeze on! The Jersey Devil rolls through the woods over a track that's 3,000 ft. long. OMG, are you nauseous yet?

The first big 'drop' drags the coaster train down at an 87-degree angle. The Jersey Devil also reportedly goes upside down three times, including on zero-gravity roll.

While the roller coaster hasn't officially with stamped with its opening date, it's being given plenty of practice with what Six Flags calls 'water people'. 'Water people' are essentially simulated passengers. One was even named 'Mother Leeds' after the origin of the Jersey Devil. FREAKY!

Watch video of the Jersey Devil Coaster's test run below!

Can you imagine taking a ride on this thing at NIGHT? What about during Halloween season?! I've got to starting working up some nerve, because although it's a frightening-looking ride, I'm going to have to ride it before the end of summer.

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I've ridden Nitro, and Medusa, and Superman, so how bad can this be? Lol.

SOURCES: via Gloucester Twp. Patch/Facebook; Karen Wall/YouTube

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