It was invasion of the squirrels as they terrorized my back screen door this past Saturday!

As my family was enjoying a quiet Saturday morning around the kitchen table, taking in the view out the back sliding glass doors of our beautiful yard, we noticed three grown squirrels playing in a tree near our deck.

This is just one of many photos we got....they weren't at all afraid of us taking photos from the other side of the glass.

A little while later, they came up onto the (raised) deck and started jumping from the deck onto the screen door and climbing it. Only they couldn't tell the difference between which side of the door was screened and which wasn't, so they also started jumping into the glass! And even after they would slam themselves into it and thunk their heads, they kept doing this over and over again for HOURS!

Thank goodness the screen didn't rip. To be clear, the glass doors were fully closed, so it's not like they smelled peanuts in the kitchen or anything.

But Sunday morning they were gone and we didn't see them all day.

Do you have any idea why this would happen? Has it ever happened to you?


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