Of course there have been less cars on the Garden State Parkway in the past few months, and I think the break from driving has made some people on the Garden State Parkway even worse drivers than they were before.

Of course, I'm not talking about you and me. We are excellent drivers. I'm talking about, well, every single other person that was behind the wheel yesterday and decided to take the Garden State Parkway.

I had a simple task. All I had to do was get on the Parkway North at 90 yesterday afternoon to pick up something I ordered from Earth Treasures in Eatontown. 90 to 105. What could possibly go wrong?

You know the answer to that one, right? It started with a driver who needed something on the passenger seat much more than she needed to keep her car in the lane at milepost 95. I actually had to beep since I couldn't get into another lane and out of her way.

Then, a little further up the road, i was in the middle lane and the guy in the left lane ahead of me started to slow down. And I mean really slow down. this ids even slower than the 'I see a speed trap' slowdown.

He was trying to go slow enough to let me pass so he could wait until I was passed him and then swing his car across all the lanes in one move in order to (barely) get off at 98. And before you say it, yes, they were New Jersey plates.

And then just before exit 105, it started to rain a little. Just a little. But I guess the guy in front of me was having trouble getting the wipers going or something, and when he got frustrated enough. He just slammed on the brakes. Right on the exit ramp. nobody in front of him for a quarter mile.

Now I know we're all distracted, but I think everyone (except you and me) should be as careful on the Parkway as we have been with social distancing. It's dangerous out there, too.

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