Two pictures of the musician were posted on the Howell Happenings NJ Facebook page. Lots of people had seen him, but not everybody knew his story.

Why is he playing music to traffic? Is he local? Is he in need? Thanks to the wonders of social media, we got some answers.

Dorene Hartman posted in the group that his name is Zac, and he's very local. In fact, she says he lives across the street from his performance intersection. Doreen went on to say that he plays in the street simply because he wants to share his talent. She went on to say that Zac writes his own music and is a "fine spirit with positive vibes." It's said that he will perform on the boardwalk sometimes.

The post went on to say that he is unable to work for undisclosed reasons. However, Zac is stable and lives with his Mother who was supposedly diagnosed with cancer recently. 

Zac has a YouTube page with several original songs.

I say as long as he's not hurting anyone, rock on! Many on Facebook agree.

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