Raritan High School teachers have done it again! I was on the floor laughing at this.
Every year the students get a special treat before summer break: a video from their teachers and administrators. This year's takes the cake.


In this new music video, teachers channel everyone from Cardi B to the Jonas Brothers and the Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper scene at the piano from the Academy Awards...with two male teachers. Dying laughing!!!

Here are the 'stars':

Erica Robinson & Laura Harak: LMFAO

Kristine Cox, Jennifer Hansen, Lisa Mauron, Robert Nucci and Ronald Poll: SPICE GIRLS

Andrew Cohen, Thomas Shockley, Dane Stephenson: JONAS BROTHERS

Ada McCrady and William Brownson: ARIANA GRANDE AND JAMES CORDEN

Agata Blanchard and Taryn Landers: OLD TOWN ROAD

Robert Bradfield and Rory Clayton: LADY GAGA AND BRADLEY COOPER

Catherine Samaniego: CARDI B.

Melody Anderson: NICKI MINAJ

Ashley Waake: MIGOS (stirfry)

Matthew Dempsey, Jerome Dean, Jeffrey Struble: ALL I DO IS WIN

And in the Party Rock Anthem, teachers from the entire school were featured from  Head Football Coach Anthony Petruzzi to Director of Athletics John DeGenito. Even  Superintendent Dr. Scott Ridley and Assistant Superintendent Joseph Annibale made an appearance!

Thanks for another fun 'gift' of summer break excitement in the most inventive and creative way. Hope the students enjoy it as much as we did!

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