Some people are struggling more than others during this Covid-19 crisis. Here's how you can get help.

Preferred Behavioral Health Group (PBHG) helps our community by supporting those with both mental illness and substance abuse disorders.

Now, during this Covid-19 crisis, they have changed the way they connect, and that means they are now using telehealth and tele psyche apps.

This pandemic has really taken a toll on people of all ages -- from children to seniors. PBHG helps protect, treat, and support the most vulnerable in our area. Because those people with preexisting mental illness or substance use are extremely susceptible to  possible relapses or a worsening of their conditions during a crisis like Covid-19, and there has in fact been an upsurge of issues with those who are already being treatment as well as many new people who are seeking help with counseling and treatment options.

Communication, counseling, and therapy are super important in helping to maintain treatment and recovery practices.

PBHG wants you to know that recovery is possible, and they have the resources and support to change lives. So if you or anyone you know is feeling lost, isolated, or alone, they want you to know there is help available!

CLICK HERE for more info.

Or call 732-367-4700

I would also like to thank our friends at New Jersey Natural Gas -- great community partners that support those who support our community like Preferred Behavioral Health Group.

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