This September, Wall Township resident Samantha Bassett will have 5 children in the town's school district, so she is well aware of the time, effort, and creativity that teachers put into preparing their classrooms for the coming year.

When Samantha saw the #CleartheLists Project, an initiative trending on social media that encourages teachers to create classroom 'wish lists' and post them online for community members to fulfill, she thought it would be a great way to support the efforts of Wall Township's teachers.

Samantha believes that most parents with children in our public schools know that teachers spend a great deal of their own money throughout the school year on their classroom and for our children. But in case you weren't aware, most school budgets simply don't cover everything and that's why teachers are spending their own money.

Samantha feels that bringing #CleartheLists to Wall is a great way for parents and the community to show gratitude and support for the district teachers, while also kicking off the back-to-school season in a positive way.

CLICK HERE for the teachers' lists.

And, Wall Teachers, follow the instructions to add your own lists!

Parents and community members can choose a list, order some of the items, and follow the instructiions on the Google doc to get them to teachers.

Soooooooo….CLICK HERE to help!

And maybe you can spread the word to other towns so that they can help their public school teachers, too!

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