What if Hurricane Florence made a direct impact at the Jersey Shore?

As Hurricane Florence batters the coast of the Carolinas, our thoughts are with our friends to the south.

While the storm has weakened in strength, it is still a massive and dangerous hurricane.

Too really get the scope of how humungous Florence is, you have to take a look at this map. Here's what it would look like if the storm slammed in the Jersey Shore.

NOAA/Google Maps
NOAA/Google Maps

As you can see, the system would reach as far south as Maryland and as far north as Maine! The upper right quadrant of the storm is the most powerful. That is where you get the most wind and rain. The densely populated New York metro and areas of Connecticut would be inundated. New Jersey as a whole would be swallowed by this hurricane.

If it were to slow down and eventually stall, the flooding would be like nothing we've ever seen in our area. Far worse than Sandy.

There's no doubt that folks in South Carolina, North Carolina, and surrounding areas will need our help. The best way to provide relief to the region is to text 'FLORENCE' to 90999 to make an instant $10 donation to the American Red Cross. 

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