New year, new opportunities to binge on Netflix.

2018 gave us a lot of great options. Orange Is The New Black, Making A Murderer, the final season of House of Cards, Ozark.

But what did our fellow New Jerseyians what on Netflix last year? According to the website High-Speed Internet, it was the dramatic story of Hannah Baker, Clay and the crew of 13 Reasons Why.

13 Reasons was actually America's most streamed program on Netflix. Other states that were into the show include Connecticut, Illinois, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, and Rhode Island.

The second most popular show on the streaming service was The End of the F***ing World. Have you watched this? Because it's honestly the first time I've ever heard of it.

Taking a look at other parts of the country, New Mexico streamed Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, duh. Wisconsin, the setting of Making A Murderer was definitely into their state's story as that was number one for them.

Here's how the rest of the U.S. looked.

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