Remember way back in May when we saw this sign on the Parkway?

Ray Malespina, Townsquare Media
Ray Malaspina, Townsquare Media

Ah yes, the long awaited Exit 91 B-A. I mean LONG awaited. This project has been in the works for years. But, if you live in the Brick area, it was going to be worth the wait.

May 11 came and went, and still no completion on the Exit 91 debacle.

According to APP and the Ocean County Engineering Department, on Thursday, August 10, the northbound GSP entrance ramp will be open to the public! Also, new signs will direct drivers westbound on Burnt Tavern and southbound on Lanes Mill to use the new ramp.

This project began in October of 2014. There are many different reasons its completion was delayed. Which gives me many different reasons to say "I'll believe it when see it."

Here's a very intimidating map to help you navigate.

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