If you are looking for a hotel with some history, especially here in the Garden State, you are going to find some of the most amazing in the country.

Sometimes. after the long, stressful days we encounter in New Jersey, we're just looking for a little luxury, a little pampering, and a little of the good life. We are looking for a place with charm, charisma, and a story to tell.

The Most Historic Hotel In New Jersey

We are very lucky in the fact that we have some historic hotels to visit and stay at here in the Garden State, so now we just have to figure out where we want to go to get all the pampering we need and deserve.

The experts, of course, have a little something to say about historical hotels, not only here in New Jersey, but all over the nation, and some of them have made their choice which is the one you can't miss here in the Garden State.

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Few travel outlets have more extensive knowledge about these types of things than the fine people at Love Exploring, and they have made their choice for New Jersey's most historic hotel, and it's going to mean a trip to South Jersey.

One Of Cape May's Most Historic Buildings

If you want to be surrounded by the amazing history of a legendary Jersey Shore town, then no town fits that bill better than Cape May.

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And if you want to find the most historic hotel there, the experts say Congress Hall Hotel is the place you should head to right away. how long has it been around? Well, it's been there since 1816. It doesn't get more historic than that.

And the good news is it's a great time of year to be there, and in Cape May in general, with all the amazing holiday displays and events starting to pop up all over town.

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