We have so much rich history in Monmouth County, and nowhere is that history more evident than in Freehold.

There are so many amazing things to know about Freehold and it's amazing history, and today we want to focus on the Village of West Freehold. Here are some facts about an area brimming with history.

Let's see how much of this historical information you already know. I hate to say it, but I didn't know most of it. But I'm glad I know it now. Our local history is truly amazing.

We did some research on the Freehold Township website and learned these incredible things. If you've ever driven by or shopped in Mount's Corner Plaza, this will be really interesting to you.

Mount's Corner was one of the small settlements built around a mill, store or crossroad. What is now Moore's Tavern and Restaurant (southwest corner) used to be known as Mount's Tavern. What is the story behind the name Mount?

Moses Mount was a man who served as a private in the Revolutionary War, and some believe he was the original tavern keeper, although that is disputed. Regardless,  it stayed in the Mount family until the mid 1850's, when Moses' grandson was the landlord.

And where Mount's Plaza Shopping Center is now (northwest corner) was once where the Levi Solomon Farm stood. It was right on the edge of where the Battle of Monmouth took place.

The family saved the damaged farm, rebuilt it and continued to live on the farm. I bet you'll think about this amazing history the next time you pull into the Mount's Corner parking lot. I know I will.

There is so much more to learn at the Freehold Township website. Check it out and learn what amazing history is right around us in Monmouth County.

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