This has got to be some of the best news we have gotten in 2020.

That's not saying much...but yes, this news is amazing.

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With the Halloween season upon us, it has just been announced that Hocus Pocus canned wine will be available for delivery!

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And no....the Sanderson sisters did not make these wines in their cauldron.

The other option is a Rose that comes in red cans that has the Sanderson sisters' faces on them!

For a six pack of the white or rose wine, it costs $36.00.

You can also get a 12 can variety pack with both the white wine and rose options for $72.00.

And all of this is in honor of the Hocus Pocus cast getting together for a reunion on October 30th.....Halloween Eve. How appropriate.

Each sale helps to benefit the New York Restoration Project which according to, "helps to restore parks and gardens in under-resourced communities throughout the Big Apple. The nonprofit was founded by Bette Midler, aka Winifred Sanderson." 

Just a heads up that for right now, these cans of wine are out of stock so no orders can be placed.

BUT people went crazy for these the second they went on the market and there is no doubt that more cans of wine will become available because the spooky season is only getting started.

So here is what you can do. CLICK HERE to take a look at the available packages. You can also enter your email so you will be notified once they have more in stock.

A HUMONGOUS thank you to for this amazing story because OH. MY. GOD. did this make my day.

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