I was at the mall last night and in one unbelievable moment was unfortunately reminded that the holidays are over.

I still cannot believe what happened.I was up at Woodbridge Center, standing in line at Macy's, waiting to return something I got for Christmas. Of course, as it always happens, someone was in front of me in line taking forever and a half, but I, for once, was not in a rush, so it was fine.

I was standing with Duzzy, and as we had been waiting there about 5 minutes, with NO ONE around, we were probably a couple feet behind the woman still at the register.

All of a sudden, a young woman, maybe 17 or 18, goes right up to the counter and puts her stuff down.


I nicely (honestly, it was completely innocent) said, 'Oh, excuse me, I'm sorry, there's a line.'

(Not for nothing, I had been there for long enough that by that point, I wasn't about to let someone with an armload full of stuff cut in front of me.)

She turns around, shoots me a dirty look, and says, 'Well, you weren't IN line, but okay, whatever.'

(Should I have been standing up the behind of the person at the register? Personal space, anyone?)

I was probably in the wrong for this, but I turned to her and said, 'Are you seriously giving me an attitude about this?'

She then proceeded to FREAK OUT...raising her voice, asking me what the f*** my problem was, calling me a b****.

Uh, okay.

(At this point, the customer in front of me and the cashier are now looking at this girl trying to figure out what's going on, meanwhile I have never seen Duzzy so shocked and confused in his life.) He then came towards us, putting an arm up between me and this girl, and said, 'Whoa, alright, she was in line, calm down.'

She again called me a f****** b****.

(Still not sure what exactly I've done so wrong, but I'm sort of amused at just how angry she is.)

I believe Duzzy said to her, 'Are you crazy?'

I didn't say anything, turned back to the register, when she said, 'F*** this' and stormed off.

I yelled after her, 'Have a good night!' to which she responded, 'F*** you!'

I followed up with, 'Happy New Year!'

I just wanted to return a scarf.

The customer in front of me and the cashier agreed with me that people are crazy and that I didn't do anything wrong. I'm not big on confrontation, but I'm even more so not into letting people give me an attitude for no reason.

So much for the holiday spirit!

How would you have handled the situation? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!