Not every show this fall involves singing, dancing and judging, although those shows always seem to get the most press. There are some new shows this season that have the critics talking.

I found a really comprehensive look at some of these shows at, and there are some interesting choices. First of all, one show that I am really looking forward to is The Michael J. Fox Show, on NBC. I think it's going to be great to have one of our beloved TV actors back on a new show that has a storyline that is similar very to Fox's real life.

Another of the highly anticipated shows is CBS's The Crazy Ones, and you would imagine that a TV show that features Robin Williams is going to get a lot of attention. In this show Williams and his daughter (played by Sarah Michelle Gellar) work together at a Chicago advertising agency he runs.

ABC's new show Lucky 7 is also getting positive reactions from critics. It's about a group of co-workers who win the lottery. The winners are from Queens (no, not Ocean County) and the show promises many different storylines to follow at once.

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