"Bark, bark, meow, bark, bark, meow, bark, BARK!"

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Translation: There is a fun & exciting new opening coming to the Jersey Shore that dog parents will LOVE.

Have you ever heard of Hotel For Dogs?

Google Maps
Google Maps

They are located at 401 State Route 36 in Long Branch and great news, they are expanding!

First, let me give you some information on this Jersey Shore business.

This facility is not just a hotel. It is a unique, full-service premium pet care facility that according to their website, also, "offers daycare, boarding, grooming, transportation and training."

Their goal is to have your pup, "wagging their tails, making new friends and looking forward to their next visit," as opposed to just providing a space for your dog to stay.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Well according to NJ.com, they are are opening a 2nd new location. They will now be replacing the Betsy Ross Farm Market and open for business at 409 Route 36 in Middletown.

“We’re moving all of our grooming business over to the new building[from our Long Branch location] and [will be] making a beautiful salon,” said owner Jackie DeGroat according to NJ.com. “The building has two floors so the upstairs will be a large grooming salon and the downstairs will be some retail and some training space.”

The new location will be opening sometime this October but no specific opening date has been announced.

Every pet parent needs a break at SOME point.

So whether it is just for the day, overnight or for a few days, give Hotel for Dogs a try because their staff are described as, "energetic, hard working dog lovers."

Google Maps
Google Maps

Only true dog lovers will understand how to care for a pup when their mom and dad aren't present.

Congrats to Hotel for Dogs for expanding.

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