Do you think it's possible to take all this holiday spirit we talk about all the time and use a little bit of it on Jersey Shore roads.

We all say that we want peace and love and harmony and then we get on the Parkway, and all Christmas spirit is completely gone. Maybe the EZ Pass Express lanes are absorbing it from our souls or something.

I am so sick of that small percentage of drivers that have to floor it the minute they see that you want to get in "their" lane, or the one's that would rather jump on top of the rear bumper of the car in front of them at a red light rather than let you in when you're trying to get on the road.

Or how about the drivers that do 40 in a 55 until they see you trying to pass an then they're suddenly doing 70. You know who you are.You're probably the same guy who park in the "expectant mothers" spot.

Why is it that some people turn into "that' person when they get behind the wheel. We may never know, But maybe, just maybe some of the great holiday spirit so many of us have will waft into these drivers cars like the exhaust of a tour bus in the left lane.

But somehow I doubt it. There always have to be a few bad kids who ruin it for the whole class.

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