The bad drivers are at it again!

Remember when I told you about the terrible traffic jam at the Six Flags Great Adventure entrance, almost a month ago? Welp, it's happened again.'s...crazy!

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Traffic jam with rows of cars
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Ocean County Scanner News shared yet another horrific traffic jam on CR-537 from over the weekend.

Once again, drivers are trying to make a left into the park entrance, rather than drive a little further down the road, take the jug handle and enter on the right side of the road. Listen, I understand not wanting to sit in the car another 15-20 minutes when you're a) excited to get into the park b) have a screaming family in the back c) holding in a bathroom trip or d) all of the above. But driving like this is just plain unsafe.

How the heck do we fix this problem? The last time I wrote about this issue, someone mentioned that the concrete divider should be extended all the way down the road. Which is a great idea - except, Ocean County Scanner news pointed out that the road divides Monmouth and Ocean Counties, so both of the counties have to agree on a solution. AH!

Would it be possible to add another park entrance on the right side of the park? I know it'd cost money, and the employee entrance already exists on that side of the road. But if it cuts down on horrendous traffic jams, unsafe driving, and accidents, it's probably worth it.

What do you think we can do to fix this problem?

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