Let me start by saying I am not advocating that you break the speed limit in New Jersey or be reckless and put others in danger.

But, if you have ever driven on New Jersey's Garden State Parkway, you know it's a simple fact that most people are going above the posted 55 or 65 MPH speed limit.

In New Jersey, the speed limit on most major highways is 65 mph, but many drivers routinely travel 75 or even 80 and never get a ticket because everyone around them is going just as fast, or even faster.

You can actually put yourself in harm's way sometimes just by going the speed limit. That's a little crazy.

Here's the question?

How fast can you get away with driving on the Garden State Parkway before a New Jersey State Trooper will pull you over and ticket you?  Troopers patrol the NJ Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, and the Atlantic City Expressway.

“There are exceptions, but police departments in different parts of the Garden State will generally allow drivers to go faster than the posted speed limit. They’ll allow you at least a 10 miles an hour leeway,” said County College of Morris criminology professor Nick Irons, a former Sparta Township police sergeant told Townsquare Media.
But, what about on the Garden State Parkway?

There isn't any official information about this subject, but there is a ton of observational data from New Jersey drivers who travel the Garden State Parkway every day.

I found a wealth of these opinions on the Ask Reddit page, titled, "Serious: how fast can you go on the Garden State Parkway to have a low chance of getting a ticket?"

Here are some of the most enlightening posts on the subject:

- Rule of thumb is speed limit +10 is safe. Very frequently GSP speed of traffic is 85. I've never been pulled over going the same speed as everyone else.


-Friend of mine is a state trooper. She rarely goes after just speeders (she has a thing for left lane hogs and people that drive recklessly, drive on the shoulder, drive with high beams on, etc) but has told me that in a 65 you’ve got to break 80 to get her attention in clear weather.


-Don't try to define a speed. Drive at the relative speed to those around you - usually around 80.


-Most troopers aren't going to think of stopping you for going less than 82mph. Sourced from several troopers at work on the GSP.


- Just keep up with traffic and don't be the last car and you'll be fine.They'll pull your ass over real quick if you're weaving in and out of traffic with out-of-state plates so definitely don't do that


- I try to keep at 9 over and have been fine. I will occasionally go to 79 mph if the road is mostly empty, but also have found myself going 85 as part of a pack that ends up having the good sense to get it back down under 80 without jamming on the brakes when a police vehicle becomes visible ahead.


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