You know the feeling. You hear that someone in the office has a virus. Now you worry about touching anything, and experts say you're instinct is absolutely right.

A recent presentation at the 54th Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy won't make you feel any better. The study placed something called bacteriophage MS2 on doorknobs and other frequently touched places in some offices. That substance, while harmless, mimics the norovirus (stomach flu), according to

The results were...well...sickening. Even though the substance was only place in a few spots, it was detected all over the office within hours. As a matter of fact, they tested between 60 and 100 places in the office and found that the virus showed up on 40-60% of those surfaces, according to the report. Yuck.

If you find yourself looking for a pocketbook to match your hazmat suit after reading this, you may need to hear some good news. And there is some. The experts say if you use disinfectant wipes containing " quaternary ammonium compounds" (the label will include chemicals starting with "alkyl") once a day, it will reduce the spread of the virus by 80-90%.

Have fun at work today.

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