As concern grips the Jersey Shore during this bad flu season, the CDC is giving us the tools to tell the common differences between the flu and a cold.

This  flu season has been one of the worst on record in the Garden State, and it's certainly on everyone's mind. It's just human nature to think flu first when you have a sniffle or cough or sneeze.

So it's pretty important to know the difference between the common cold and the flu, and the CDC has put together a guide to help you tell some differences. Take a look at the common similarities and differences between the two.

Here are some of the details on the CDC Facebook page...

The symptoms...With the flu they are abrupt, while a cold commonly comes on gradually.

A rare with a cold, but usual with the flu.

Sneezing, stuffy nose, sore throat...they are all common with a cold, but only occur sometimes with the flu.

Headache. it's common with the flu but rare with a cold.

Chills...not common with a cold, but are more common with the flu.

You can get all the information on the flu and ways to avoid it by visiting the CDC website or Facebook page. Experts say to keep washing those hands, get your flu shot if you haven't already and stay informed!

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