When's the last time you had a physical? Have you ever felt short of breath? Do you have high blood pressure and high cholesterol? Are you out of shape and overweight? Or are you so stressed out that you think you might be having a panic attack OR a heart attack? Here is some important information that YOU PROBABLY DON'T KNOW.

There has been an important breakthrough in heart imaging. And, believe it or not, you may not hear about it from your doctor OR your cardiologist. But it could save your life, and, at the very least, give you a much more accurate scan of your heart than a nuclear stress test, but without all the radiation.  So why isn't your doctor telling you about this option?
The cardiac imaging breakthrough technology now being offered right here in our area is something that you would have had to go to NY, North Jersey, or PA for. Now you can request it right in Manasquan at Caring Heart and Brain Imaging. But you have to KNOW that it exists, and what I have found out is that your doctor...or even your cardiologist if you've gotten that far...WON'T NECESSARILY TELL YOU THAT THERE IS A BETTER SCAN THAN A NUCLEAR STRESS TEST!
Dr.Tony DeLuca says you, as the patient, need to know that there is newer technology now that could literally save your life! You can ask your primary care physician or cardiologist to write a script for this test that will accurately and specifically determine if your heart muscle is receiving adequate blood flow and if that blood flow is evenly distributed. The test is called a Cardiac PET Perfusion Study with Rubidium.
Caring Heart and Brain Imaging in Wall Township is the first in our state to provide specialized, cutting edge cardiac imaging. Lorraine Catalano is the Imaging Director and she is will put you at ease and even invite you to meet her awesome therapy dog! I felt immediately comfortable and more relaxed the second I met her!
The Cardiac PET Perfusion Scan that Caring Heart and Brain Imaging offers clearly shows how well your arteries are distributing blood flow to the heart muscle. They are the only facility in Monmouth and Ocean counties offering this type of scan.
This scan is so important because it can literally save your life by catching a heart attack before it happens. The scan detects coronary artery disease that may not yet be causing you symptoms. The scan is complete within 45 minutes and is thorough enough to quantify the extent of obstruction to insure that correct treatment decisions are made. If caught early enough, in some instances lifestyle changes can be made before jumping right to surgery.
Now onto the brain. Caring Heart and Brain Imaging is the first imaging center in our state to provide the AMYVID Pet Scan that detects plaque in the brain, the precurser to Alzheimer's disease.
This scan is a brand new weapon on the market to enable earlier diagnosis of Alzheimer's....several years before symptoms actually appear. This allows an individual to be treated before Alzheimer's develops to advanced stages with groundbreaking treatments. There are also different diagnoses for other forms of dementia which may not be Alzheimer's. This is important so that the most appropriate medical treatment and therapy can be determined to slow the progression of these diseases, giving patients and their families time to prepare and plan ahead.
This also allows the person with Alzheimer's to participate in their own health care and decisions as well as giving them precious quality time with their loved ones. Another biggie with the AMYVID Pet Scan is less radiation exposure...a huge factor for patients who may have had substantial radiation in the past.  This scan is the most accurate way to go, and it will give you life-changing information and you can make your own decisions about your loved-one's life rather than knowing nothing and then getting hit with a devastating diagnosis down the road, with no options for help and treatments.
At Caring Heart and Brain Imaging you will be made to feel as comfortable as possible and know that you are in the best hands. It's got a spa-like environment that will make you feel instantly at home...the complete opposite of most of the doctor's and specialists' offices you have been to. And they literally treat their patients like family! It's their top priority. The surroundings are warm, comfortable, you are greeted with smiles (and, if you're lucky, the wonderful therapy dog that hangs out and sits on your lap waiting to be pet!) and even a fireplace. It's like sitting in a gorgeous living room...complete with large screened TV.
Where else have you seen all of that when having what could otherwise be a very stressful, clinical procedure?! Caring Heart & Brain Imaging, 2414 Rt. 35 in Wall. Call 732-292-1008. Click here for more details.