Each year, State Farm Insurance Company releases data on the odds of hitting a deer in each state, and the latest results are out.

With deer mating season here, New Jersey drivers are on the alert for them on the roads up and down the Jersey Shore.. So, just how likely are you to hit a deer in New Jersey. Based on statistics from July 1,2017 to June 30,2018, the odds in New Jersey are exactly 229 to 1.

Those odds put the Garden State among the "medium risk states". The odds in most other states are actually much more dire. For example, the state with the highest odds is West Virginia with a mind boggling 1 in 46 chance of hitting a deer.

If you want the lowest odds, you'll have to move to Hawaii where, not surprisingly, the odds are a slim 1 in 6379. You can check out the ranks for each state at the State Farm website

And if you're looking for tips on how to avoid hitting a deer, Geico has 7 tips on their website.

Please be careful as you travel around this time of year. Deer mating season can certainly present some dangerous obstacles to your drive in the Garden State, no matter what the odds. Be safe!

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