I'll preface this by saying that before my days at the Point, I was a Starbucks barista. Today, before the Kids' Breakfast at the Freehold Raceway Mall, I stopped to caffeine up...and after ordering my drink realized how much of a snob I must have sounded like.

So what did I order?

Triple Iced Grande nonfat 2-pump vanilla latte.

Now, for those of you that don't speak Starbucks, I'll translate. It's a medium glass of skim milk over ice with three shots of espresso and two squirts of vanilla syrup.

It's really nothing extraordinarily fancy, it just sounds incredibly pretentious.

Here's the thing, when I was a barista (and I use that term VERY loosely), I never expected anyone to speak the lingo. Tell me what you want, and I'll make it.

My lesson: don't be afraid of the words. It's your money, get what you want. It's just coffee, people.

What's your coffee drink? Share it below...let's see who can out-snob me!