Coffee shops definitely bring people together…the taste, the smell, the vibe, and of course the conversation.

I could stay there for hours! I love it when you walk in and you feel like you’re right at home.

A coffee shop in Monmouth County is hosting different events, trying to bring in more people from the community. If you’re looking for something fun to do this Saturday, stop by Just Love Coffee Cafe in Matawan.

It’s Psychic Saturday!

Angel card reader, Melissa, will be there from 11am-3pm.

All their coffee at Just Love Coffee Cafe is organic and their beans are roasted as they’re ordered so there's no waiting 6 to 8 months sitting on a shelf. People love the smooth flavor. Their beans come from all over the world.

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Just Love Coffee Cafe has been open for about a year in Matawan. People love the taste so much that they travel from all over to get there. One woman took the train from NYC just to try the coffee and loved it so much, she’s coming back on Saturday!

Owner Scott Lentini wants everyone to come out and have a good time. He loves to reach out to people in the community. He says coffee is a universal language that brings us all together.

Scott is there all day, every day, and is so passionate about what he does. He loves talking with everyone and is very excited about this weekend.

He also does birthdays and special occasions.

So instead of making coffee at home this weekend, stop by Just Love Coffee Cafe! It’s located at 249 Broad Street in Matawan. Visit their website at

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