Is this another casualty to online shopping?

According to APP, Best Buy on Route 9 in Howell has chosen not to renew its lease and will close at the end of the day on November 3.

Why did Best Buy decide to not renew the Howell store's lease? A spokesman for the big box electronics giant said:

we found our customers are preferring to shop at our other stores in the area.

Those other stores include Brick, Eatontown, Manalapan, and Holmdel. The Brick Best Buy is my go-to location. In terms of size, availability, and offerings it is superior to the Howell store.

Sometimes when we learn news of a store closing we forget about the people who are potentially losing their jobs.

The spokesman for Best Buy said that the 30 employees in Howell can apply for jobs at area Best Buys. Those who choose to part ways will receive a severance package.

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