Get ready for the cuteness, whether or not you are a Dachshund owner.

The Second Annual Howl-O-Weiner Walk is coming up on Sunday, October 13th, 2019, at 3 p.m. Doggies and their humans will meet on the lawn in front of Convention Hall.

This is free and so much fun! You'll get to walk the boards in Asbury with a gaggle of Dachshunds....many of them in costumes and many of them in strollers because their little legs can't take long walks!

Of course, if you have a Dachshund or two (or more, lol!) bring them and feel free to dress yourself and them in a costume! Or, bring your dachshund-friendly dog of whatever breed or mixed breed to join in the fun :)

Be prepared to laugh, take LOTS of photos and videos and have fun. This event will last about an hour, followed by playtime at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park. 

To see photos from last year's event, where almost 200 doggies and their humans showed up... and for updates on this year's walk... CLICK HERE.

This wonderful event is hosted by the beloved Dr. Adam Christman, veterinarian at Brick Town Veterinary Hospital, a doxie owner and lover.

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