is like sleeping in a cloud!

I used to brag about my mattress...until years later when I would wake up and not be able to move my neck at work all day long because I was in so much pain.

And it cracks me up when people say they found a great deal on a new I mean, think about it. You're spending a quarter of your entire LIFE lying in bed sleeping...and you're going to get a mattress online without LAYING on it first?!!!

You may think you like a certain type of mattress, but I thought I liked a firm mattress, and then I tested out all different kinds of firm, medium, and soft mattresses at Mattress Firm and discovered that my body has changed and now I really like a soft, COOL mattress.

Yep...some of the technology in mattresses now can provide you with a mattress that stays COOL at night!

I fell in love not only with the mattress I chose (and even though it's covered in sheets and blankets, I love the gorgeous color and style of the mattress itself) but the beautiful adjustable base/frame, as well! Now I never want to leave my bed -- I can adjust it so that it raises up my legs AND my back and read or work on my laptop or...whatever! The only downside is that I never really want to leave my bedroom anymore, lol!

When's the last time you got a new mattress? Helpful hint: Best way to shop for a mattress-- use one pillow to try on every mattress, otherwise you won't be sure of how the bed feels if each pillow also feels different, and, second, lay in each bed for AT LEAST 10 minutes. You can't just hop on and hop have to let your body settle in.

FYI, in case you're curious, I got the Serta I-Comfort Temp Touch memory foam mattress with revolutionary cooling technology from Mattress Firm, a store that has exclusive new mattresses loaded with technology that you can't even buy in other stores, even if those stores carry the same brand name brands.

And a big thanks to District Manager Eric who was sooooo helpful, and Lou, who was at the Belmar store the day I went shopping. He was super fun to deal with as I tried to find my perfect mattress!!!

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