I love my mother, but I'm scared of "Mama". Anytime the trailer of a movie keeps me awake, you can bet I'm gonna skip that flick. I may be the only one, though, since "Mama" topped the box office this weekend.

I wish I could give you some insight into this movie, but my head has been under the blanket since I first saw the trailer for it. Did you see that trailer? The one where the little girl says, "Mama, you promised". Are you kidding me? Or at the end of it when they whisper "Mama". Are they trying to get me to go or get me not to go?

I didn't go, but somewhere way in the back of my mind, I want to. And a lot of people did. Enough to make it #1 this weekend with $33 million. Number 2 at the movies was Zero Dark Thirty with over $21 milllion.

I'm going to have to gather the strength to get to "Mama". Who cares if I don't sleep for a while and have to leave all the lights on in the house for a month or so. I'll just look at it this way. It can't be any scarier than Arnold Schwarzenegger being in a new movie, right?

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