Social 37 closed its doors during the pandemic, which is so sad, and they never reopened.

An empty storefront sits in Toms River at Crossroad Center at the ShopRite plaza. Social 37 was next to Buffalo Wild Wings and Panera. The location is fantastic, except the parking lot gets way too crowded. It's off of Rt. 37 and Rt. 166. Social 37's motto was "eat, drink and be social" and I know a lot of friends loved it there.

I was hoping they would open again this summer, but unfortunately, they were not able to. It's time to fill in that space next to the brand new Mahana Fresh.

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I think this would be a fantastic place for an ice cream shop. The perfect spot for an ice cream specialty shop. A place where families can come in and sit down and enjoy their ice cream. How about a special "Toms River" milkshake or that perfect waffle cone open all year round.

A Bubble Tea place might be perfect, too. It's very popular or possibly mix that with an ice cream place. That might work?

Is there a plan for this location Social 37? Is something ready to move in? I walked by last night and the real estate sign was in the window. Maybe you know already, what's going in there? If you do, let us know. Have you heard anything?

Is there any type of business you'd like to see in this area? There's a lot going on in that area with the restaurants, ShopRite, and the Staples right next to it. What do you think should go here?

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