Or being able to read and understand the instructions on your prescription medications.

I have a close friend who is one of the most amazing thinkers and philosophers I know. I love our conversations and he really opens my mind to see things in a new way. He spends his time fighting for the injustices in our country, especially those concerning minorities and immigrants. English is a second language to him and as well-spoken as he is, he struggles to write as quickly as he speaks. It takes him a lot longer and is more challenging. He is a great writer, but it doesn't come as easily to him. I mean, imagine going to another country for work and having to speak/read/and write (with perfect grammar in a foreign language) easily and fluently. It would most likely be difficult for you, too!

There is an amazing organization in our area called Literacy New Jersey that supports those who need it, and you should make sure your friends who have trouble reading, writing, and understanding the English language know this service exists.

Especially now with Covid-19. Imagine trying to navigate this crisis and the resulting economic upheaval when you struggle to speak, understand, read and write the English language. The fear and confusion that so many feel right now is compounded for adults who have trouble with daily tasks that many of us take for granted like describing symptoms to a doctor, keeping up with ever-changing government regulations, helping your children with online schoolwork.

This is reality for Literacy NJ’s adult students, and providing free instruction for low-literate learners is Literacy NJ’s mission.

During this unprecedented pandemic, Literacy NJ is working to maintain services for those who are among the most vulnerable to the health crisis and the resulting economic disruption, and especially those who are low-income and can't afford private tutoring or to pay for literacy classes.

Literacy NJ has temporarily changed the way they deliver adult literacy services. To adapt to these challenges, staff and volunteer tutors are providing students with online and phone instruction, through programs such as Zoom, WhatsApp and FaceTime. Even after Literacy NJ returns to in-person instruction, they will maintain these online platforms to expand the services they offer their students, who often juggle jobs, families and other responsibilities.

Now, more than ever, Literacy NJ's adult students need life-changing literacy instruction.

To find out more, CLICK HERE.

A special thank you to New Jersey Natural Gas for their support of Literacy NJ and other community organizations that help those in need in our area.


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