A website recently released the list of the top 10 worst driving habits and New Jersey drivers' jaws will drop when we realize how many of these we see each day.

As a matter of fact, I bet you a good percentage of New Jersey drivers would say they couldn't remember a day when they didn't see most, if not all of these 10 things in the same day of driving.

Let's see if I'm right about this. Check out the Top 10 Worst Driving Habits according to idrivesafely.com.

(10) Parking in illegal areas

(9)  Accelerating through a yellow light

(8)  Ignoring traffic signs

(7)  Not checking blind spots

(6)  Merging improperly

(5)  Not using turn signals

(4)  Cutting off other cars

(3)  Tailgating

(2)  Speeding

(1)  Texting while driving

Do you see what I mean? It is easy to check off every one of those boxes in the course of a normal driving day in the Garden State, right? I'm thinking that the drivers around us can be doing better, and maybe we can, too.

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