Anyone who has gone to a diner in New Jersey knows how good that dessert case looks every time you go in for a meal. The delicious showcase where you see all kinds of sweet treats. Everything from apple pie to cheesecake to chocolate pie to rice pudding, etc. they have it all.


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There is something about our diners here in New Jersey. It's their look, their food, their coffee, and their dessert that makes them so special. I really like the dessert display cases in some Jersey diners that spin lol it's like a Christmas window at Macy's!

How often have you gone to a diner and before ordering your meal you know your having pie and coffee at the end? I have done that numerous times. That's why I thought this would be a fun article to discuss with you at home.

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So let's see what you have to say. what diners have great desserts and what dish do you recommend? We asked you on social media and you gave us a ton of responses!

Michael: Sand Castle Cannoli cake

Renee: Town & Country, Rt. 37, Toms River, Rice Pudding

Dawn: North Arlington diner has the best cheesecake in the world

Christopher: Everything is a matter of opinion…I like my simple chocolate pudding with whipped cream from the Bandwagon it comes with your meal I can’t wait for it to reopen

Shelby: Dynasty Diner - homemade cheesecake

Chrissy: The Montville Diner chocolate pudding with whipped cream

Paul: The Red Lion Diner or Vincentown Diner

Stefany: Brick diner

Nick: Sand Castle CHEESECAKE

Joe: Coach House In North Bergen All Home Made

Bob: Olga’a diner in Marlton

Bob: Rainbow Diner in Brick

Peggy: AMERICANA Rt 130 Cranbury/Windsor area

Patricia: Red Lion Diner

April: Vincentown Diner

Mary: Elmer diner in Elmer, NJ


These are just a few of the responses you gave us regarding great diners in Jersey and their desserts, so thank you for all the input, if you have more comments please post them below. Enjoy your next trip to the diner and enjoy your dessert and coffee. Spencer Davis Spencer Davis






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