It’s that time of year where getting slammed by a hurricane is not out of the question. How prepared with supplies are you? How much of a survivalist are you should the lights go out? Me I could survive for quite a while without electricity…I have at one point in my life…here are a few out of the box ideas to help the survival mode kick in should you not be prepared or maybe just do not have the means to get a generator. Believe me I am in that boat too.


Before the storm there are a few preparations that can be done ahead of time and they will make your life a little easier once the power is out. Who thinks about having to flush the toilets or wash dishes when they prepare? So besides getting your non perishable foods and bottled water, ya may want to grab those paper plates and cups. You will thank me later! Also fill your bathtub, trash cans and a couple of pots with water and have a bucket waiting to scoop it out to flush the toilet. I have well water, so when the electric is out that is the only way to flush! You are welcome! You will need the water to wash your dishes and also to cook with.


Freeze water bottles and fill your washing machine with ice. The washing machine will keep the ice cold and acts as a mini fridge. Freezing water bottles not only helps keep the freezer cold, but you can put a couple in the fridge to keep that cool too. Once melted you can drink them. Great idea, right? Freeze a couple of wet washcloths or towels for people that are sensitive to the heat.


Get a few solar lights and make sure they are near the window to charge up. When it gets dark the lights will turn on and viola…you now have light! Even better, put them near mirrors so they can reflect the light and make the room brighter. This is a great idea for people with pets and small children. You do not have to worry about setting the place on fire. I love my jar candles but when they run out or worse, ya can't reach the wick at the bottom, use crayons as candles. Make sure they are placed on a dish or in a pyrex cup. Another thing I do is get mason jars and battery-operated LED lights. Put the LED’s inside the mason jar and boom you have a lantern! You can get these items at the dollar store!


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