Attention social media fiends: If you're an Instagram user, you have a big decision to make.

Instagram, now owned by Facebook, is changing its privacy and terms of service agreements, and it is not for the users' benefit.

CNET points out that this change means they have the right to use and sell your photos without paying or even TELLING you.

They can take any of your photos, like those of your dog, and sell them to Pedigree to use in a dog food ad. They can use that picture of your kids opening their Christmas gifts in next year's Walmart print ads. Seem harmless enough?

What if they sell those same photos to companies you don't support? Advertisements you don't believe in? Or hate groups spewing messages you wholeheartedly disagree with?

It's all up for grabs, and there's no opting out.

The only way to avoid it is to delete your account before January 16, 2013...after that, your pics are in their hands.

Now, to be fair, Instagram hasn't said they outright plan to sell images, but the point is that they can if they want to...and it probably won't be long until other social media sites follow suit.

Maybe if enough of us delete our accounts, they'll see how ridiculous their new policy is.

Will this change in policy have an effect on what you post on your social media accounts? Share your thoughts below!