It works in the NFL, why can't it work in high school?

The NJSIAA is set to introduce instant replay this year starting with the various conference, county and state all-star games this summer.

The state's athletic governing body received approval from the National Federation of High School Athletics to move forward with this experimental process.

Member schools will be picked on a voluntary basis to participate in this one-year trial and they "must agree to full compliance with the rules and regulations for replay".

The website, 'HUDL sideline' will be tasked will providing the video feeds this season.

There is also a chance the replay may be used for playoff games as well.

Video instant replay will be used to confirm, reverse or let the call stand as is by game officials.

Each team will get one challenge per half. If they are successful, they'll be able to carry one additional challenge in that particular half of play.

If teams don't use a challenge in the first half, it does not get added to the second half amount and any unused challenges during regulation do not get carried over into overtime.

In overtime, each team gets one challenge.

A team will not be granted a challenge in the last two minutes of a game if they are leading by 17 or more points or if the running clock (35-point second-half differential) is in effect.

The NJSIAA's 24-page report outlining how replay will wok, includes what you might expect with instant replay being put into effect.

Here are some of the other highlights of the report:

Reviewable plays involving a potential score include:

A. A potential touchdown or safety. [Exception: Safety by penalty for fouls is not specifically reviewable.]

B. Field goal and try for point attempts if and only if the ball is ruled (a) below or above the crossbar or (b) inside or outside the uprights when it is lower than the top of the uprights. If the ball is higher than the top of the uprights as it crosses the end line, the play may not be reviewed.

C. A turnover or potential turnover.

The following can be reviewed if they involve a score or a turnover:

A. Passes that are intercepted anywhere in the field of play or end zone.

B. Pass ruled complete, incomplete or intercepted anywhere in the field of play or an end zone if it relates to a score or turnover.

C. Pass ruled forward or backward when thrown from behind or beyond the neutral zone.

1. If the pass is ruled forward and is incomplete, the play is reviewable only if there is clear recovery of a loose ball in the immediate continuing football action after the loose ball. If the replay official does not have indisputable video evidence as to which team recovers, the ruling of incomplete pass stands.

2. If the replay official reverses an incomplete forward pass ruling and the ball is recovered, it belongs to the recovering team at the spot of the recovery and any advance is nullified.

Dan Alexander contributed to this report.

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