Grab a drink, because it's High School reunion season.

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I'm attending my first high school reunion later this week (it was supposed to be our 10-year reunion, but Covid got in the way, so it's our 11-year reunion).

While I'm really excited to see how everyone turned out, I'm also a little nervous. Which got me thinking that everyone has felt this way about their reunions, no matter how long it's been.

I'm wondering what kinds of people I'll run into at my reunion. You hear all about the stereotypes on TV shows and movies, and they're kind of true.

Check out the 10 types of people you'll run into at your New Jersey High School Reunion. And try to guess which one(s) I am - I won't tell you!

Totally Relatable: 10 Types of People You See at Your NJ High School Reunion

Grab a drink, because it's High School reunion season.

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