I recently received something in the mail that caught my eye and contained tips I hadn't before heard of. See how much of an expert you are on your cat!

-- A tablespoon of plain low-fat yogurt once a day provides calcium, a dose of 'good' bacteria, and some extra liquid (yogurt is mostly water).

-- Sprinkle a teaspoon of kelp powder on your cat's food, or try one standardized capsule of lecithin mixed with your cat's food. Both help to speed your cat's metabolism and break down fats.

-- Add a splash of tuna juice or salt-free chicken broth to your cat's dry food to make it special for your cat. Consider it something like a feline 'au jus' topping! Your cat will delight in the aroma and extra flavor.

-- Warm a small blanket in the dryer for 5 minutes, then drape it on your cat during chilly nights to help your feline fass asleep. This is especially good for arthritic cats to help improve blood flow and ease muscle aches.

-- Most cats really don't like perfumed, flowery scents in their cat litter.

And, for you, cat owner, a couple of things as well:

-- Value your solitutde like your cat does. For many people, spending time alone is an almost nonexistent treat. But take a lesson from your cat and treat yourself to a few minutes of solitude each day with no phones or other human distractions.

-- Scientists report that people who pet their cats experience an increase in Theta waves (a brain wave pattern that shows a reduction in feelings of anxiety). Petting your cat for just a few minutes releases a healthy amount of positive biochemicals, or 'feel good' hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, prolactin, and serotonin. And research shows that those good feelings work both ways...meaning that your cat benefits too!

For more great tips, click here to find out about the book called "Happy Cat, Happy You" by Arden Moore, editor of 'Catnip' newsletter.