On Tuesday September 12th, 2017, Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing announced the new features that will come with their newest release, the iPhone X (pronounced like "10" as opposed to the letter--why? I'm not sure).

However, this phone will be the most expensive that Apple has created yet starting at a whopping $999. So is this new gadget really worth the bucks?

Let's dive in and see. So what exactly is new with the iPhone ?

To start off. The new iPhone has a 5.8 inch Super Retina screen and no home button. Users will simply need to swipe up to get access to their other apps. The finger print recognition home button was not living up to Apple standards and this design allows for an edge-to edge screen.

Nicole's Thought: It may take some getting used to but I'm sure we will adjust in no time. Plus, who can complain about a bigger screen?

There will be no more passwords needed because a facial recognition software will be what installed into the new phones. There is no faking it either. There will be over 30,000 dots analyzed on your face to ensure that it is indeed you trying to get into your phone.

Nicole's Thought: This may seem like a blessing, but to me it is in disguise. How on earth am I supposed to have my girlfriends check my messages or adjust the music while I am in the shower?

The battery will supposedly last at least two hours longer than previous models.

Oleksiy Mark, Thinkstock

Nicole's Thought: Everyone of course is thrilled to hear this one, but I want to see it before I get my hopes up. 

Say goodbye to needing an outlet when your battery is low because now this model will come with wireless charging.

Nicole's Thought: This is definitely an advantage, but will my charging go slower if there are other iPhones in the area? 

So now that you have heard the major differences that the iPhone X has, it is time to make a decision. You do have some time to decide because preordering is not available until Friday, October 27th. The phone will be in stores starting Friday, November 3rd.

So the big question: To spend $1000 or to not spend $1000?

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