It had to be postoned from it’s earlier date just before St. Patrick’s Day because of cold rain and snow along with windy conditions, but Saturday Irish eyes were smiling and so was Mother Nature.


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Saturday (4/2/22) was a beautiful day with gorgeous sunshine and temps in the 50’s, a perfect day for a second St. Patrick’s Day in Ocean County. How lucky were we to have not one, but two St. Patrick’s Day celebrations this year :)




Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels



We kicked the morning off in Seaside Heights with our annual St. Patrick’s Breakfast at Klee’s Bar & Grill. Once again a huge shout-out for the crew at Klee’s Bar & Grill on the Blvd in Seaside Heights, they once again did a great job and of course the corned beef hash and eggs were a big hit! I am a big fan of Klee’s and their corned beef hash.

Thanks to all our radio family who came out on this make-up date and relieved the “luck of the Irish” with us, we had a great time. Thanks to our Hometown Crew for getting us set-up and full of prizes and thanks to everyone who had breakfast with us.



Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


After breakfast it was out to the blvd for a look at things along the parade route in Seaside Heights. It was a great day and we hope everyone enjoyed, hats off to the Ocean County St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee and all who participated and thanks to Seaside Heights and surrounding communities.

Next up, we will see you at the Easter Parade in Point Pleasant Beach :)


Check Out Photos From The Parade 👇🏻



2022 Ocean County St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Scenes from the 2022 Ocean County St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Seaside Heights, New Jersey


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