Everyone was shocked by the quickie engagement of Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne, and now we may have a reason why they're moving so fast: Photos are making a few tongues wag about a possible pregnancy. You say "shotgun," we say "wedding!"

Lavigne and Kroeger were recently snapped hand-in-hand in Paris, and Lavigne's hoodie had a noticeable pooch in her lower abdomen. From what we can see, it just looks like a puffy hoodie kangaroo pocket to us. It appears to just be a stuck pocket and a bad angle on the petite, skinny minny starlet. Still, when the media sees anything like this, the reflex is just to pounce with "preggers!"

The Canadian couple's engagement wasn't just a shock to the music world, but also to Kroeger's ex girlfriend. Radar Online reports that Kroeger was dating a 27-year-old named Kristen DeWitt from Salem, Ohio for years, only recently splitting up in May. The irksome part of all this? The timelines between DeWitt and Kroeger's split and his whirlwind six-month romance with Avril have a lot of fuzzy math.

"Chad and Kristen were happily dating until they made a mutual split in May," a source revealed. "His engagement to Avril completely caught Kristen off guard and the timelines don't match up. Chad had to have been seeing Avril behind Kristen's back." Uh oh. Watch out, Avril -- if a guy cheats with you, he'll cheat on you!

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