We stumbled across the results of a traffic poll we took in the spring of 2015 when we asked you which town in Monmouth & Ocean Counties had the worst traffic.

Predictably, many towns were mentioned, including Freehold, Red Bank and Eatontown. But when the all was said and done, more Point listeners said Brick was the town that should have this dubious distinction.

And frankly, back then, it wasn't even close. Brick was mentioned as worst traffic town by a little over 61% of the people we asked.

That was 2015, and we started to wonder if opinions have changed in the nearly four years since those results. Have other towns gotten worse? Has Brick gotten better? Does our area have a new worst traffic capital, or Does Brick still top the list?

Well, it's time to go to the source to find out. We want you to tell us which town is the one you think has the worst traffic of all. Any town in Monmouth or Ocean County is eligible. We'll have results soon.

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