There are many things that the pandemic has ripped away from us, and one of them is theater. Once coronavirus cases began to rise and the country was forced to shut down, theaters did as well. Good Morning America reports, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced he would like to get broadway up and running again in September. He even talked about setting up vaccination sites to make sure the theater community gets vaccinated to ensure the comeback. He wants to make sure that broadway and off broadway workers of all kinds vaccinated in the next few weeks. Once broadway does return, there will be crowd control to ensure everyone's safety.

It's extremely sad how many businesses and industries had to shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. I know many friends who were in the entertainment industry that have no worked in a year. It's devastating especially when that was their only income. They were holding out for their sports team to start playing again or for their broadcast shows to begin filming, but they only just started getting back to work in the last month. For a broadway worker, whether they be an actor, director, set producer, whether they sell tickets or are an usher, this is an industry that has suffered severely and I feel for every single one of them. I know there are so many of my friends that cannot wait to get back to seeing broadway shows again. I know I;'ll be a little nervous at first, but I definitely miss it too.

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