Well, it's official: it is HOT.

We've officially crossed the threshold into that time of the year when getting into our cars to drive into work feels like crawling into an oven. When you have to keep your outdoor exercises to a minimum. When we take one step outside and say "Hell no, it's too hot."

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Fact: According to reportsJuly 4, 2023 was Earth's hottest day on record.  (As of July 12, 2023.)

And of course, it's important to remember the weather also affects our beloved pets. Because if we don't, the results could easily turn fatal. During these hot summer days it's absolutely imperative to remind everyone... don't leave your pets in a hot car.

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As it pertains to leaving pets in the car, here is the law in New Jersey:

"New Jersey prohibits leaving animals unattended in a vehicle under inhumane conditions adverse to the health or welfare of the living animal or creature."

The key here is "inhumane conditions." And because of the "Greenhouse Effect", even if the temperature outside is tolerable, the inside of your car can rise to unbearable temperatures - even when you leave a window open.

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For example, if a car is parked in 80 degree weather, the internal temperature of a car can get up to over 120 degrees. So imagine that on a nearly 100 degree day? The results could be fatal.

So what if you leave the AC running in the car? It certainly helps.

According to PetEducate.com, the best environmental temperature for a pet is 69-75°F, whether that’s in a house, outside, or in the car. So if you can keep your car nice and cool when you pop into the store, you probably won't face any fines.

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Even though your pups will love the AC on in the car, leaving the car running unattended poses other risks. It could randomly stop working for some reason. Your dog may knock the car into the wrong gear. Anything could happen. So it's strongly advised to keep the trip short. Vets recommend to leave your pet in the car with the AC running for no longer than 5 minutes, according to PetEducate.

Stay cool and keep your pets safe this summer!

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