We can all dream, and now we know which job New Jersey residents would consider our dream job.

So many New Jersey residents count the days until the weekend finally arrives, so we don't have to go to work for a few days.

Most Of Us In New Jersey Don't Love Our Jobs

Even the perfect job would eventually have us dreaming of days off, but most don't have the ideal job.

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We do what we must to pay the bills and ensure our family is provided for, but we've all dreamed about having the kind of job we love, the type of career that fills our souls and satisfies our minds.

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An interesting study was recently done to determine which job would be the dream job for residents in each state. The results for New Jersey might surprise you.

Here Is New Jersey's Ultimate Dream Job

The data was reported at Century Link, and the most Googled dream job in New Jersey is not a doctor, lawyer, rock star, or professional athlete. So, what is it?

If you can determine your dream job in New Jersey by our top Google search, then Garden State residents want to be artists.

We wondered if the artist category included musicians or actors, but they had their own categories, so it looks like they're talking about painters and sculptors when they say artists.

What Is The Top Dream Job In America?

The top dream job in America is "writer", followed by "teacher" at #2. Artist ranked as the 6th most desirable job in the country.

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